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Create a recognizable brand for your company that advertises your services giving your vehicle(s) a professional image that separates you from the competition.

Perforated vinyl lets your customer see your design on a vehicle or storefront window—but seems invisible when you look out from inside.

10 Reasons You Should Be Using Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Rake In and Wrap up More Sales

How would you like to have a prime advertising location that can move where your customers are for the same price or cheaper than an obsolete, stationary billboard? That’s where commercial vehicle wrap comes in. “Transit advertising has grown to be the second largest segment of the outdoor advertising industry in terms of dollars spent representing 19% (as of 2003). The Outdoor Advertising industry has nearly doubled since 1993 from $1.19B to $2.09B in 2003. These numbers continue to grow each year,” according to Cranky Creative. If that wasn’t enough to get you to launch your next product on the side of a vehicle, check out the ten other reasons you should be using outdoor advertising.

  1. Become memorable.

As you’re rushing to work, going eighty on the freeway, how much attention are you giving to the billboards as they go speeding by? And even if you do notice them, they likely don’t make an impression nor are you able to remember a website or phone number. But instead imagine stopping at a light, noticing the cool car next to you and reading every last bit of text lining that vehicle as you’re waiting for the light to turn green. Which one do you think you’re going to remember? Which one do you think you’re going to be able to look up afterward? Fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition fifteen times greater than other advertising media.

  1. Reach more people.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) says that more than 95 percent of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers and one single vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000-80,000 impressions in just one day. Vehicle marketing also reaches nearly 85 percent of people in all income levels. Imagine trying to do the same with online advertising, flyers or billboards.

  1. Get your message across without being annoying.

Unlike a tacky pop-up ad that makes you want to chuck your computer across the room, seeing an ad on a Smart car is a welcome distraction to the boredom of waiting through a long red light. When you wrap your car to advertise, people are unobtrusively met with your message. They simply see it as they are going about their driving routines. This way, the advertising feels friendly and non-invasive. Plus they are likely spending more time reading your ad than they would in any other medium.

  1. Save more money and market more effectively.

Once you’ve wrapped your car, that’s it. There are no recurring costs and quality car wraps can last up to eight years. You also have the potential of 70,000 visual impressions from one vehicle advertisement. And the cost for those impressions is miniscule – only $41.65 per month for 104,958 impressions!

Additionally, almost 30 percent of people acknowledge that a professionally wrapped vehicle impacted their buying decision.

  1. No restrictions.

Laws, rules, timing and budget can all get in the way of traditional advertising. Vehicle advertising allows you the stress-free flexibility to do what’s best for your business.

  1. Protects your vehicle while it sells.

Wrapping can protect your car from scratches, small dents and the elements all while advertising your business. Besides the wrap keeping your car in pristine condition for your future driving enjoyment, it will also preserve the value of your vehicle in case you decide to sell your car.

  1. Keep it local.

Much of advertising can be wide in its reach and while that initially seems like a good idea, you may be casting a wide net, but missing most of your customer base because you aren’t reaching your target audience. While driving your car around the streets of your city, you may not be accessing someone in San Francisco, but you are reaching the majority of people who are actually going to buy from you.

  1. Get their attention 24/7.

Professionally wrapped vehicles can stand-out day and night. Where many billboards can only be seen during the day, vehicles can be seen at night with reflective 3M wraps. You can also advertise holidays and evenings while you are on your way to a movie or dinner.

  1. Positive associations.

Junk mail, pop-up ads and email marketing can leave a bad taste in your mouth and create a negative emotional experience. Whereas catching a glimpse of a uniquely wrapped car, can incite curiosity, enjoyment and provide a welcomed distraction.

  1. Stand-out and be seen.

Unlike home mailers or Google ads, your car wrap advertisements are not compared side-by-side to your competition. Nor are those ads competing with the next billboard you pass down the road. Your car gets the undivided, full attention every business wants from its potential customers. You also get to sell your brand instead of luring customers in with an offer or a discount. This means you get real buyers and not just deal-seekers.